We constantly research innovative process technologies and hence, revolutionize the biopolymer industry.


(P)LA Processing

Due to its special material properties, PLA is currently one of the most popular biopolymers worldwide and the demand is constantly increasing. PLA is ideally suited for the usage in packaging solutions, consumer goods, medical equipment, food packaging, fiber and nonwovens, but is also versatile in many other industrial areas. The weforyou Group is intensively researching in order to produce and process biopolymers even more efficiently and at minimal costs to make products made of the sustainable bio-based biopolymer accessible also to lower income groups.



In our own production, we manufacture reusable products of highest quality from natural raw materials, which, in addition to full certification, are characterized by their particular durability and stability. We attach great importance to fair working conditions and wages in our production in order to offer our customers not only ecologically but also socially sustainable products. All of our products are fully customizable and always meet the highest quality standards.

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Processing Technologies

In addition to our biopolymer research, we develop innovative production machinery and processes that will revolutionize the bag market in terms of efficiency, stability and automation technology.

In contrast to today's manual production (primarily in Asia) or the "rigid" partial automation that is limited to individual production steps, we are working on an intelligent, flexible solution including both significant technical improvements and cost advantages throughout the whole production process.