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Carried Sustainability

Armin Amirpanah on the waiver of fossil raw materials, the importance of socially fair work and a new production process that will revolutionize the bag market. REGAL trade journal 5/2019

Bioplastics: End of the Plastic Planet?

Armin Amirpanah on good and bad bioplastics, the future of biopolymers, the versatility of PLA, the circular economy and the ecological alternatives to conventional plastic bags. Special edition "Think Green" in Kurier

Reusable Alternatives to Plastic Bags

SPAR reported on the switching to our weforyou reusable bags as a sustainable alternative to the conventional plastic bags in all Austrian SPAR branches. SPAR Mahlzeit Magazin No. 1 / January 2019
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The global networker

How a 33-year-old man from Graz with Persian roots built up an international company including a production in China and conquered the large retail and discount chains with compostable, biogenic bags as alternative to conventional plastic bags. spirit of STYRIA N ° 06 2017 | Economy | Change | Growth