Just another bag producer? No way - we are redefining the bag industry!

Everyone is talking about sustainability these days, but what is actually meant by that? weforyou builds on the three pillars of sustainability - ecology, economy and social.


Ecology describes the interaction between living beings and the natural environment or ecosystems. Due to the constantly increasing environmental impact of plastics, the meaning of the term ecology is growing. At weforyou, we have set ourselves the goal of making packaging and carrier bags as environmentally friendly as possible and thereby reducing the burden on the environment. Motivated by these considerations, we developed our weforyou fleece material and our unique reusable weforyou shopping bags.

But what makes our products so ecologically sustainable?

Our non-woven fabrics and bags are made from natural, non-GMO raw materials, namely processed sugar cane. Hence, they are biodegradable, compostable and, moreover, CO2-neutral. Due to its high stability, the bag can be reused many times. But what happens when the bag comes to its end of life? No problem - when disposed, the bag does not emit any additional CO2. On the contrary: If the bag is burned, energy can be recovered.

But it is not only our products that are sustainable: optimized transport routes allow us to minimize CO2 emissions. Waste fabrics in production are recycled and can be reused. Even in the printing process, we use specially made environmentally friendly certified printing inks. We think that you shouldn't have to make a compromise when making purchasing decisions. Therefore, our packaging solutions are innovative, holistic and sustainable. This is why even Greenpeace recommends our bags as one of the most sustainable alternatives to conventional plastic bags on the market.


An environmentally friendly product is not sustainable if it has not been produced under fair working conditions.

We do not only live social fairness on a daily basis - social fairness builds the fundament of our company. It is our employees who bring our product to life and who do their best every day to offer our customers products of the highest quality. 

We owe our success first and foremost to our employees. Hence, it is an absolute must for us to offer both an appreciative and clean and safe working environment. Fair wages and working hours are a matter of course for us. In addition to fun at work and exciting tasks, our work is driven by our team spirit which makes the impossible possible.



Sustainable economics describes the responsible management of a company towards its stakeholders on the one hand and society on the other. 

Due to the special nature, the quality and the sustainability aspect of the bag, the willingness to pay of end customers is much higher than for conventional reusable plastic bags or even disposable bags. This allows retailers to achieve significantly higher margins in sales compared to conventional Polypropylen bags. But not only the margins are correspondingly higher; sales figures of our customers showed that the number of bags sold has increased significantly as well. Numerous well-known companies already benefit from our products. In addition, the advertising value of our bags is priceless. The bag sold is worn by customers not only when shopping, but also in their leisure time. This means that each bag does not only spread your logo and advertising message - you can actively communicate that your company is choosing the environmentally friendly alternative and thus saving CO2, but also that even the end customer himself contributes to the environmental protection.

In addition to our environmentally friendly products, we rely on full transparency both for our customers and their end customers and therefore on working in partnership, holistic advice and responsible action.