Natural resources and fair production are the foundation on which weforyou was built on.

We offer a holistic biopolymer concept from raw material extraction to the final processing of our sustainable products. We focus on natural resources, socially fair production and quality leadership. In addition, we support our customers in the development of their communication strategy. This holistic approach as developer, consultant and producer is our USP."

Armin Amirpanah, BA MBA

CEO & Chairman weforyou Group

249 T
Less Carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted
1 Mio
Saved disposable plastic bags
49 %
Socially fair weforyou production

Our Values


We are not just a trader, we are producer. Therefore, quality is particularly important to us. Before one of our bags leaves our factory, it is quality-checked up to 5 times.


You need a Christmas edition? Different designs? Hangtags? ABC sorting? No problem! As producer, we respond individually to your needs.


As direct producer, your satisfaction is our priority. Hence, we will always do our best to not just meet, but exceed your expectations.

Our Story

In 2014, weforyou was founded by Armin Amirpanah in Graz, Austria with the vision of creating a fundamental change in consumer behavior away from petroleum-based plastic products and thus, making a sustainable contribution for our environment. As alternative to plastic bags that generate thousands of tons of garbage every year and pollute the environment to a great extent, we have developed an innovative reusable bag made from our 100% bio-based and biodegradable weforyou fleece which is extra stable, tear-resistant and fully certified.

Today, the weforyou group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sustainable reusable bags and is represented at many locations. Our bags can be found in the stores of some of the largest retailers of their kind, including Spar, Hofer, Metro, Tchibo, Hervis, Hornbach and many other companies. All of our products are manufactured in our own factory in China under fair working conditions. We attach great importance to compliance with working hours, a clean, safe working environment and above-average wages for our workers. Before our bags leave our factory, each one is quality-checked up to five times in order to guarantee the best quality.

Thanks to optimized bio-based raw materials, resource-saving processing and short transport routes along the entire production and value chain, we produce and deliver environmentally friendly and low-emission. This means that we do not just offer you simple shopping bags - we deliver a holistic concept from raw materials to the finished end product, which is optimally tailored to your market and your needs.

Our references:
Tchibo Eduscho | nachhaltige Mehrwegtaschen

The weforyou total package


In order to produce reusable bags even more efficiently, we develop autonomous industrial plants and at the same time research novel organisms and innovative process technologies that are revolutionizing the biopolymer industry.



In addition to our internationally known and award-winning weforyou reusable shopping bags, we also offer other sustainable and fully customizable packaging products from our own production.


As a specialist in sustainable packaging solutions, we would be happy to support you in making your company more environmentally friendly and in communicating these efforts to your customers.


Ultimately, we are not just developers, producers and consultants - we support our customers throughout the entire project and are always available for advice and assistance.