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weforyou has grown from a small start-up to a global market leader as a developer, consultant and producer with Innovative research and our understanding of quality and service. In 2022, we covered 80% of the global market and continue to expand production in 2023. Let's make sustainability sustainable together!

Armin Amirpanah, BA, MBA
CEO weforyou group

Our path

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weforyou was founded in 2014 by Armin Amirpanah in the Styrian capital Graz with the vision to create a fundamental change in consumer behavior away from petroleum-based plastic products and thus make a sustainable contribution to the environment. As an alternative to plastic bags, which cause thousands of tons of waste every year and pollute the environment to a high degree, we have therefore developed an innovative reusable carrier bag made of specially manufactured, 100% bio-based and biodegradable non-woven, which is particularly stable and tear-resistant as well as fully certified.

Today, the weforyou-group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sustainable reusable carrier bags and is represented with many locations. Our carrier bags are now represented at the largest retailers of their kind, including Spar, Hofer, Metro, Tchibo, Hornbach as well as many other companies. All our products are manufactured in our own factory in China under fair working conditions. We attach great importance to compliance with working hours, a clean, safe working environment as well as above-average wages. Until our bags leave our factory, each one is checked by hand up to five times to guarantee best quality.

Thanks to optimized bio-based raw materials, resource-saving processing and short transport routes along the entire production and value chain, we produce and deliver in a particularly environmentally friendly and low-emission manner. This means we don't just offer you simple carrier bags - we deliver a holistic concept from raw material to finished end product that is optimally tailored to your market and needs.

Our values

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We are not only trader, we are producer. Therefore, quality is especially close to our hearts. Until one of our bags leaves our factory, it is checked up to 5 times by hand.


Do you need a Christmas edition? Do you have an unexpectedly higher demand at short notice? Different designs? Hangtags? Would you like an ABC assortment? No problem at all - as a direct manufacturer, we can flexibly adapt production to your needs in minutes.


As a direct producer, your satisfaction is our focus. Therefore, we rely on the best advice and cooperation throughout the project. We stand by what we promise - simply weforyou!

We make sustainability wearable!

The Weforyou Commitment

"We stand by what we promise"

weforyou is built on 3 pillars of sustainability:
Ecology, Social issues & Economy


Aufgrund der immer weiter steigenden Umweltbelastung durch Plastik steigt auch die Bedeutung der Ökologie zunehmend. Doch was macht unsere Produkte so ökologisch nachhaltig? Unsere Vliesstoffe und Taschen sind aus natürlichen, pflanzenbasierten, gentechnikfreien Rohstoffen. Daher sind sie wiederverwendbar, biologisch abbaubar, und kompostierbar. Durch optimierte Transportwege können wir auch hier den CO2-Ausstoß minimieren. Ausschüsse in der Produktion werden recycelt und können so sinnvoll wiederverwendet werden. Selbst im Druckverfahren verwenden wir eigens angefertigte umweltfreundliche Druckfarben, die ebenfalls zertifiziert sind. Wir finden, man sollte bei Kaufentscheidungen keine Kompromisse eingehen müssen. Daher sind unsere Verpackungslösungen innovativ, ganzheitlich und nachhaltig. Das ist mitunter auch der Grund, warum namhafte NGOs unsere Taschen als eine der nachhaltigsten Alternativen zu herkömmlichen Tragetaschen am Markt empfehlen.

Social aspects

An environmentally friendly product is not sustainable if it has not been produced fairly. Social fairness is not only something we live by every day, it is the foundation of our company. It is our employees who breathe life into our product and give their best day after day to provide our customers with products of the highest quality. We know that our success is due to our employees. We want to give that back - which is why it is an absolute must for us to provide them with an appreciative as well as clean and safe working environment. Fair wages and working hours and the absolute prohibition of child labor along the value chain. In addition to fun at work and exciting tasks, we have team spirit with which we move mountains and make the impossible possible.


As a manufacturer, dealer and consultant, we are committed to working together in a spirit of partnership. Sustainable economy describes responsible business practices, which we also apply to the weforyou stets pflegen. Aufgrund der besonderen Beschaffenheit, der Qualität und dem Nachhaltigkeits-aspekt der weforyou bags, the end customers' willingness to pay is significantly higher than for conventional reusable plastic carrier bags. This means that significantly higher sales revenues can be achieved in the retail trade than with conventional carrier bags. But not only are sales correspondingly higher; we have also been able to determine from our customers' figures that the number of bags sold has increased significantly since the introduction of our sustainable alternative. Numerous well-known industry giants are already benefiting from our products. Sustainable image cultivation is also part of eco-sustainability and here our bags are suitable as image and advertising media.

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